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At the moment there is a great variety of materials for interior wall facing: plastic, wood, wallpaper, different types of plaster, tiles and many others. In other words you’ve got quite some choice. So what to do if you what to create an interior that will make your home really cozy, beautiful as well as original, not like any other? Which material is best if you don’t want to buy style and beauty at the expense of quality?

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    Синий - глубокий, благородный цвет. Отличный способ создать ощущение прохлады и умиротворения.
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    Зеленый - цвет природы. На зеленом цвете отдыхают глаза, возникает ощущение уюта и комфорта.
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    Желтый - цвет хорошего настроения. Особенно хорош в детских помещениях.
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    Красный - цвет чувственности, страсти и экспрессии.
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    Прозрачный - цвет чистоты. Наилучшим образом смотрится в хорошо освещенных помещениях.
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    Светло-голубой - универсальный цвет кухни: чисто, светло и красиво.
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    Комбинирование цветов позволяет достигать уникальности и бесконечного разнообразия интерьеров.
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    Темно-голубой - цвет воды. Такая плитка восхитительно украшает помещения, близкие к воде, такие как ванные комнаты и бассейны.
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    Коричневый - цвет, близкий к натуральному камню, дереву. Такая плитка хорошо сопровождает интерьеры из натуральных материалов.
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    Светло-зеленый - цвет растений. Особенно удачен в помещениях, где много комнатных растений и цветов.

We offer you to take a look at modern, up-to-date and incredibly beautiful material — glass tile. Glass tile goes well with all kinds of interiors, can be combined with all types of finish materials, fits in with modern, historical or natural interiors… What are other benefits of glass tile?

Glass tile at the kitchen

Glass tile at the kitchen

It’s beautiful! Glass itself can be very diverse. Using different formats, wide range of colors and prints leaves room for imagination allowing to create really unique and stylish interiors!

Glass tile has better physical and technical parameters than ceramic tile. It’s stronger, more durable, moisture resistant. Besides, glass tile is easy to wash because it has less porous surface than ceramic tile and thus doesn’t absorb smells and dirt.

Glass tile is a durable material. Due to special technology of imprinting patterns and color onto the backside, special protection and firing it doesn’t fade or loose color.

The forth advantage of glass tile is its ability to fit in with other decoration materials. You can easily combine it with other materials such as ceramic tile, granite, marble.

•  And finally glass tile is easy to install. It can be glued as usual tiles using silicone sealant and grout.

Glass tile in bathroom

Glass tile for bathroom

“Ornamet-Plus” offers a wide range of fired glass tile of different colors and sizes. You can get acquainted with basic colors of our tiles and order any of them in section “Products”. If necessary it’s possible to color the tiles in any color according to RAL color palette.

Our tiles have sizes 5х5cm, 10х10cm, 10х20cm, 20х20cm, they can be 6 or 8 mm wide. Sizes can be changed at client’s request.


In any place where any other tiles, ceramic for example, is used – in the bathrooms, kitchens or bedroom. It can be used for decorating balconies and swimming pools. You can decorate a whole wall with glass tiles or just a separate piece, for example a splashback in the kitchen, part of the wall, a column. Glass goes well with other decoration materials – plastic, ceramics, wood. It all depends on your preferences and imagination. Our photo gallery with different examples of glass tiles can help you with developing ideas and their implementation. Have a look and get inspired!

Smooth glass tile

You can choose colour from our base catalogue or if necessary it’s possible to color the tiles in any color according to RAL color palette.

Shaped glass tiles

We can offer you tiles with “grooves” imitating mosaic (imitation tile mosaic)

We can produce shaped tiles in any base color as well as in any color of RAL palette


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